Service checks electric boiler

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Service checks electric boiler


i’m in the process of purchasing a property that is all electric, I have had a level 2 survey done and its been flagged that the boiler is original, the flat was built in 2005, so possible approaching its ‘end of life’ the seller doesn’t have any service history, so hoping to obtain a quote for a service of the the boiler (and arrange access for this to take place) and then a subsequent quote for a new boiler (or any fixes needed following the service), which I can then negotiate off the price of the property (if needed) pre completion.

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Many thanks for your enquiry, we charge £105 + Vat for a boiler service, also further to the service we can quote for a new boiler too.

And we often have same or next-day availability?

What’s included in this service?

  • To isolate the boiler and remove the cover.
  • To clean the main burner and injectors. (depending on manufacturer’s instructions relevant to analyser readings)
  • To clean within the boiler casing and check seals.
  • To check safety features and correct operation.
  • To check the fan.
  • To replace components and cover.
  • To gas rate the boiler and carry out a full combustion test using our digital Anton flue testing unit.
    To test and commission on completion
  • To provide a printout of the readings :- During an annual boiler service, we shall clean your central heating filter should it be present, when they are cleaned the seal must also be replaced, we shall charge this at a cost of £5.00 + VAT for the seals and £10.00 + VAT for additional labour.

NB should components or replacement seals be required additional costs will be applied for labour and materials.
We allocate between 30 – 60 minutes to complete an annual service, should the boiler be in a poor condition and the service exceed 60 minutes we will charge the additional time at a reduced rate of £15.00 + VAT per 15 minutes.

If your boiler happens to be a warm air unit there is a £20 + Vat surcharge.

We also do: Inhibitor Treatment – Recommended to be completed every two years. we charge £105 + Vat.

What’s included in this service?
To introduce a bottle of corrosion inhibitor to the system, A corrosion inhibitor provides protection to your central heating systems against limescale and corrosion and will extend the life of the system, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimising fuel usage.

Also please note that, while on site for the boiler service we could also do a site survey for free, for a boiler replacement if needed. So, in completion of the boiler service, we could also provide you with a quotation for a new boiler as well.

If you would like to proceed or have any questions, please reply to this message, or to our contacts below,

Tel: 02035044274
WhatsApp: 07588733359

Many thanks.

Kind regards.

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