Dishwasher Install

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Dishwasher Install


We are looking for someone to install and disconnect and recycle our old dishwasher. The issue is that the dishwasher is up 7 flights of stairs with no lift so will need people to take it up the stairs and then do the install etc.

Most delivery companies will not do this so will need guys to come and sort this.

Are you able to do it. Its more getting up to the flat.

Addess is

Flat G

22 Hans Crescent


servicedesk Answered question October 11, 2023

Hi William

Many thanks for your enquiry – if you can share a video walking the route you need the dishwasher to take alongside a link to the dishwasher you would like us to replace we can share a quote.

Please share the video with us privately by following this link

Many thanks


servicedesk Answered question October 11, 2023